Tree Delivery & Setup

Tree Delivery and Setup are Available at Hann’s Farm!

If you want to request a delivery just email us at [email protected].

This year don’t scratch up the top of your car or fill your back seat with pine needles; let Hann’s deliver your tree for you.  Hann’s Christmas Tree Farm has services to ease the stress of your holiday season. Hann’s staff offers Christmas tree delivery and setup, from the grove to your home. We are now offering take down services too!

Come on out to Hann’s and find the perfect tree for your family to have memories of an old fashioned Christmas. Once you choose and cut your tree, it will be bailed in environmentally friendly twine, labeled with your last name, and set aside for us to deliver.  We then deliver within the week, and can also set your tree up in your home if you like.

Delivery and Setup Rates:**

  • Delivery only up to 9 ½ft = $90
  • Delivery only 10ft and above = $100
Delivery and Setup up to 8 ½ft = $125
  • Delivery and setup 9ft to 11 ½ft = $165
  • Delivery and setup 12ft to 13 ½ft = $195
  • Delivery and setup 14ft to 15 ½ft = $275
  • Delivery and setup 16ft to 17 ½ft = $325
  • Delivery and setup 18ft to 19 ½ft = $375
  • Delivery and setup 20ft to 24ft = Call for Quote
    **If tree is too large and has to be hand bailed or delivered and setup unbaled it is an additional $75.
    **Delivery radius of 20 miles of Hann’s Farm.  Anything outside of 20 miles is an additional $2 a mile.
    **Recommend use of our tree stand.  Not responsible for install if customer is using a stand that is deemed inadequate by installer.

Setup includes fresh cut, putting in stand, filling with water and complimentary Forest Fresh. They also deliver and hang wreaths and garland!

Tree takedown and removal

  • Take down and Removal up to 8 ½ft = $100
  • Take down and Removal 9ft to 11 ½ft = $150
  • Take down and Removal 12ft to 14 ½ft = $175
  • Take down and Removal 15ft and up= $225

Removal includes taking tree down and removing tree related waste from property. Stand drained of water. Tree must be ready for take down, no decorations or lights. Again, request a delivery or takedown and removal at [email protected].

[email protected]

Open daily 9am-5pm, November 1-December 24 (including Thanksgiving!)

DOGS WELCOME on a leash!